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Bio-health Doctoral School (ED n°524) enables you to obtain a Doctorate (PhD) in several fields of biology applied to human health. This can be done in collaboration with any of the 15 research teams affiliated to PRES Limousin-Poitou-Charentes and is widely open to international cooperation.

The ED Bo-Santé ( Bio-health doctoral school N 524) is one of the eight thematic doctoral schools of PRES Limousin-Poitou-Charentes. This PRES includes the Universities of Limoges, Poitiers and La Rochelle, ENSMA (Poitiers) and ENSCI ( Limoges). Its headquarters are at the University of Poitiers: it boosts around 44 000 students, 2 800 teachers-researchers, 1 800 staffs BIATOSS.

ED Bio-santé holds its originality of the importance and the variety of the scientific skills set together and shared between two institutions of higher education and research):

Université de Limoges and Université de Poitiers

in total concordance with the aims of Aviesan, the nation-wide scientific alliance for health research (namely here : CNRS, INRA and Inserm). Its is also supported by the two Universitary Hospitals : CHU de Poitiers and CHU de Limoges

ED Bio-santé pursues the objectives officially attributed to the doctoral training and is particularly attached to the close follow-up of the thesis, to extra training of the PhD students, to the promotion of the scientific and intellectual exchanges between PhD students, to forecasting the follow-up of the professional projects. It also accompanies the international opening with a support of the so-called “co-tutelle de thèse” which allows the student to get a double diploma (French and foreign University).

ED Bio-Santé welcomes a significant number of PhD candidates stemming from either French or foreign universities. Agreements between PRES Universities and international Universities are most welcome.

This site is essentially dedicated to the PhD students or the future PhD students looking for information on ED Bio-santé i.e. the subjects of thesis, the financing, the course of the PhD student and the trainings proposed by the doctoral school.


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